Best office chair for big guys

Are you a large person who can’t find chairs that suit your stature? We explain how to choose the best option for your new office chair. Whether you are looking for an office chair or a desk chair, most of them are small in size and don’t take seating preferences into account. Do yourself a favor and look for chairs with tall backs, deep seats, and armrests that suit your body type. 

I looked for the best tall chairs in the market. I did this because you might not have time to read all of this article. Read and choose a chair for yourself at the end. First, read on!

1. HON Wave Big and Tall Executive Chair

HON is already making a mark in the market of ergonomic chairs with brands like Ignition and Convergence. HON has taken into account the pain and problems of the big guys and responded with HON WAVE. 

Quick facts

  • Price: $362
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic, Mesh, and metal


➔ The HON Wave comes with a seat dimension of 19” D x 22” W and a backrest of a width of 23 inches. These dimensions are big enough to accommodate big guys.

➔ The maximum weight capacity of the chair is 450 lbs, enough for most of the big guys.

➔ The Wave comes with a synchro-tilt feature which allows the user to tilt backward with better back alignment and improved blood circulation in the back. While the backrest declines, the seat stays parallel with the ground.

➔ Knee-tilt is another awesome feature in the chair that keeps the chair closer to the ground when the user tilts backward thus offering a good neutral position while sitting.

➔ The mesh on the chair is soft, breathable, and provides great air circulation. So, the problem of sweating and the effects of hot weather is not an issue with Hon Wave

➔ The base is manufactured from reinforced resin. This allows balanced swivel and motion on 5 durable PU caster wheels.

➔ The Lumbar support is great and so is the tilt tension control along with pneumatic seat lift.

➔ The wave-like design on the back provides extra space and support to the mid and high-back regions of the spine


➔ Synchro-tilt and knee-tilt

➔ Maximum capacity of 450 pounds

➔ Comes with 5 years of warranty


➔ The seat might be a little firm according to some reviewers

➔ The frame might be a little unsupportive for some users

2. FLASH Furniture Hercules

Flash Hercules is industry standard when it comes to making chairs for the big guys. The chair pushes the limit of a big chair and can take some serious weight without any sign of damage.

 Quick facts

  • Price: $248 to $352 depending on the color
  • Material: Mesh, fabric, or leather
  • Color: black and brown


➔ The maximum weight limit on this beast of a chair is 500 lbs, making it one of the beloved brands of big and tall guys,

➔ Along with the higher weight capacity, the seat of the chair is 22” wide making it a more irresistible choice.

➔ The chair has all ANSI/BIFMA certifications required for a chair to be appropriate for large occupants in the office.

➔ Flash Hercules comes with a heavy-duty tilt lock mechanism for an effortless reclining position. The armrest is padded enough for extra comfort

➔ Upholstery has three options, PU leather, mesh, and soft fabric. So, it can cover a wide taste of users. The LeatherSoft leather with PU makes the chair extra soft and durable

➔ The waterfall design at the front of the 6” inch CAL 117 fire retardant foam padded seat provides comfort to the leg and efficiently maintains blood circulation.

➔ The back is contoured for lumbar support and elegant mesh trim make the chair look aesthetic enough and optimally breathable


➔ The weight capacity of 500 lbs

➔ Three choices of upholstery

➔ Padded headrest

➔ Wide seat


➔ PU leather might not appeal to some customers

➔ The use of plastic on the armrest and cylinder makes users question its durability

3. Herman Miller Aeron Size C Office Chair

Probably the most ergonomic and premium-built chair for big and tall guys, Herman Miller Aeron Size C comes later in the list due to its high price point. Not everyone can shell out this amount of money and thus this becomes more of a dream chair while you buy some other chair for yourself. But, if money is not an issue, this the chair you need to get straight away!

Quick facts

  • Price: $1202
  • Colors available: Carbon black, Graphite, and Mineral white
  • Material: Recycled patented material called 8Z pellicle


➔ This excellent piece of engineering has a maximum capacity of 350 pounds.

➔ The proprietary 8Z pellicle mesh material is unique when it comes to comfort, breathability, and incredible air circulation. The quality of this mesh must the best the market has to offer.

➔ The backrest is great for supporting the spine, especially the lower back,

➔ The armrest is heavily padded which makes it easier for big guys to stay comfortable for extended working hours.

➔ Users find the seat of Herman Miller Aeron quite comfortable and often go to the extent of claiming it as the best seat on an office chair. The seat supports the pelvis with proper cushioning.

➔ The recline function on Aeron is an experience to savor. The balance during recline is outstanding and it doesn’t change the sitting posture of the user while they lean back to relax.

➔ The Aeron comes with a forward tilt function which is a useful bonus feature for big guys who are into heavy tasking like long hours of coding and typing.

➔ The build quality of the chair is the best in the business. The plastic materials used are of top-notch quality and the mesh is the best one can get on a chair.

➔ The 2.5” caster wheels on Aeron are of the highest standards and will not ruin your floor or office carpet during heavy use.


➔ Mesh quality of 8z pellicle material

➔ Build quality

➔ 12 years of warranty

➔ Armrests are padded nicely


➔ The price makes this chair out of the league for most of the users

➔ The seating is stiff for some users

➔ The adjustability features are not great compared to other chairs which cost less

4. Steelcase Leap Plus

An almost perfect ergonomic office chair suited for big people comes at a price. But, if you keep health as your top priority and don’t mind spending what it takes to get the best comfortable and orthopedic chair in the market, here is Steelcase Leap Plus. 

Quick facts

  • Price: $1499 for the black base and $1556 for the platinum base
  • Material: Fabric and plastic


➔ Steelcase Leap Plus supports a maximum weight of 500 pounds, quite generous huh!

➔ The 4D armrest can be adjusted in all directions, viz. Up, down, right, and left. This allows the user to fine-tune their posture and get the most out of the chair.

➔ The backrest is designed with they call the Liveback technology which allows the back of the chair to mimic the shape of the spine of an individual and accommodate back of all sizes. This is great for users who complain of lower back pain and stiffness after long hours of heavy tasking.

➔ The chair boasts another feature called Natural glide technology that allows the user to recline without changing the sitting posture. This prevents any strain that would develop otherwise in the arms, neck, and eyes.

➔ The patented fabric Buzz2 which is 100 percent polyester is comfortable and soft against the skin.

➔ Lots of adjustability features- seat depth, arms, the height of the chair, adjustable lumbar.

➔ The lumbar support is adjustable as well along with the lower back firmness control. All these adjustabilities can be used to get that sweet sitting position and work for hours without any pain.

➔ The chair material is eco-friendly as 94 percent of the material in the chair is recyclable (Cradle to Cradle certification) and 30 percent of the material in the chair is recyclable


➔ The lumbar support is excellent

➔ All kinds of easily adjustable features

➔ Comes fully assembled

➔ Warranty of 12 years


➔ The price

➔ Lack of mesh material for breathability and airflow

➔ The plastic material might decrease the durability of the chair

5. REFICCER High Back Big and Tall 400 lb Leather Office chair

Hey big guy! If you are looking for a chair that looks high-end, ticks almost all the boxes of an ergonomic chair, and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket then your search stops here. REFICCER High Back Big and Tall Chair is just the chair for you!

Quick facts

  • Price: $315
  • Weight of the chair: 61 pounds
  • Material: metal and leather 


➔ The maximum weight capacity offered by the Reficcer big and tall is 400 lbs and the seat width is 22.8 inches.

➔ The high-density memory foam injected everywhere in the chair makes it a comfortable design altogether. The chair comes with a waterfall design on the large back which is there to support the spine and lower back

➔ The seat height and rocking adjustability is actuated using cable levers which are durable and easy to maneuver.

➔ The base is designed for big and tall users with strong material which provides optimal stability to the user.

➔ The explosion-proof gas lift on the chair with a heavy-duty base makes the chair an ideal option for extended use for tall and big guys

➔ The chair looks classy with the bonded leather upholstery makes the chair elegant and provides a smooth experience to the skin


➔ Bonded leather

➔ High-density memory foam

➔ One year of return warranty

➔ 120 degrees recline option

➔ Wider seat


➔ The chair comes in parts, it is difficult to assemble

➔ People preferring mesh material might not like it

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