Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for People with Scoliosis

There are many ergonomic chairs for people with Scoliosis. They vary in price, comfort, and of course, you have to know what type of back pain you may have.

While selecting an ergonomic office chair for people with Scoliosis, the most important thing is to make sure the chair has good lumbar support and armrests to help relieve pressure on your spine from leaning forward too much. 

If you’re considering buying an ergonomic office chair, this blog post will give you all the information you need before making your purchase! 

The first ergonomic office chair I bought was around $400, which didn’t work out well because it wasn’t comfortable for my back at all. And since then, I’ve bought two more chairs, and both were under $200 bucks, so there are affordable options out thereIn this article, we will look at some of the best ergonomic office chairs available in the market that can help people with Scoliosis. 

At the end of the article, we will also inform you about the best sitting postures for Scoliosis. So, stay tuned and read through till the end!

What is Scoliosis? 

Scoliosis is a condition when the backbone (or spine) is bent or curved sideways. Doctors often use the letter “S” or “C” to explain the curve. The bent angle can be small or large, but any curve with an angle of more than 10 degrees on an X-RAY is deemed as Scoliosis.

Before we get into the causes and symptoms of Scoliosis, let me bust a common myth.

“Bad postures don’tdon’t cause scoliosis.” Instead, bad postures put more stress on the spine, which allows the pain due to Scoliosis to resurface in episodes. 

Signs of Scoliosis:

  • A distinctly visible lateral curve on the back
  • One-shoulder blade is protruding (uneven shoulder blades)
  • One hip is higher than the other
  • Ribs stuck out on one side
  • Spinal rotation
  • The person stands leaning on one side

Visible symptoms of Scoliosis:

  • Stiffness and pain in the lower back
  • Legs become numb due to pinched nerves.
  • Strained muscles lead to fatigue.
  • Breathing problem 

Causes of Scoliosis:

  • Out of all the scoliosis cases, 80% of them are idiopathic, which means the reasons are unknown.
  • A disorder of a group of nerves that causes muscles to become weak(Cerebral palsy)
  • A genetic disorder that results in weak muscles in the back (Muscular dystrophy)
  • Defects during the birth (congenital) like spina bifida
  • A severe injury or infection to the spine

Why do people with Scoliosis need an excellent ergonomic chair?

According to the scoliosis SOS clinic, roughly 4 out of every 100 people in the world have Scoliosis. In the US alone, the total population suffering from Scoliosis is approximately 6 to 9 million.

This includes a chunk of young people who are the country’s workforce who spent hours working on office desks. While Scoliosis cannot be cured completely, it can be coped with by providing the relaxation that the spine needs. 

This is possible only if the body is not under immense pressure, which can trigger Scoliosis and causes unbearable pain. An excellent orthopedic and ergonomic chair can help people with Scoliosis in the following ways:

  • A good chair provides long-term support to the lumbar and sacral region while the user works for long hours
  • The backrest is curved in a way that embraces your spine and provides it with optimum support.
  • It allows the spine to be stress-free or eliminates any reason for spinal compression.
  • There is ample height adjustment to relax the legs, thus preventing numbness and pain.
  • The headrest and cervical support are cushioned and appropriately supported to prevent any stiffness.

Best office chairs for Scoliosis

Best Computer Chair for Scoliosis: Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair

Herman Miller is arguably one of the most iconic chair brands in the world. They are known for their premium, highly ergonomic, but expensive chairs. Aeron Task Chair is one of their best products, bliss for people with scoliosis but at a price.


➔ The suspension seat is the first relief point offered by the Aeron Task chair.

➔ It comes with a backrest divided into 8 zones with variable tension to support all kinds of spine or backbone.

➔ The backrest is excellent at providing support to the pelvis and maintaining a regular tilt. It offers a full range of motion while doing so.

➔ The backrest is provided with individually adjustable cushions, which are there for extra lumbar support and to support the spine in its native position.

➔ The mesh material, which is called “8z pellicle,” is breathable and adequately ventilated. This helps in preventing any sweaty or sticky feeling and cools the skin in contact.

➔ The Aeron Task chair comes in all sizes, thus accommodating a wide range of users with scoliosis. 


➔ Adjustable armrest and seat angle

➔ Great comfort options for users with scoliosis

➔ Multipoint tilt and tension control

➔ Durability 

➔ It comes in three different sizes. 


➔ The price tag

Quick facts

  • Price: $948 to $1200 (depending on the size)
  • Material: Recycled material
  • Colors: carbon, graphite, and mineral

2. Best Home Office Chair for Scoliosis: Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair offers excellent features and comfort options at an affordable price. This can be a perfect choice for people with scoliosis working from home during this period of pandemics.


➔ The customizable and adjustable headrest improves the overall support to the user’s upper back, neck, and head.

➔ The solid curved lumbar support maintains the spine’s natural and unstressed curved shape and supports the lower back efficiently.

➔ Adjustable armrests are great to find that sweet sitting position which varies from person to person.

➔ The seat is cushioned with comfortable material to support the pelvic region.

➔ The lumbar support is height adjustable which adds to the customization offered by the chair.

➔ The mesh material is comfortable, breathable, and has optimum airflow.


➔ A wide array of adjustability options

➔ Excellent lumbar and cervical support

➔ The seat is comfortable for the pelvis.


➔ The assembly takes longer.

➔ It takes few days to get all the adjustable features fine-tuned.

  Quick facts

  •    Price: $210
  •    Frame material: alloy wheel
  •    Material: PVC and mesh
  •    Color: Black

3. Best gaming chair for Scoliosis: Secretlab TITAN

There are 1000s of queries flooded on google asking, “Are gaming chairs good for people with scoliosis?”. Well, yes! But not all of them. There are some high-end and mid-range gaming chairs that offer great features and support for people with scoliosis. Secretlab TITAN is one of those revered gaming chairs.

Secretlab TITAN is a buzzword among gamers when it comes to gaming chairs. This high-end chair offers a premium seating experience and comfort. At the same time, the user can enjoy hours of gaming without being interrupted by any scoliosis-induced pains or numbness in the leg.


➔ Secretlab Cold Cure foam technology makes the chair extremely comfortable and supportive. The trademark foam has been provided in the headrest, seat, and sides of the gaming chair.

➔ The head pillow supports the head and cervical in the most comfortable way possible as it is made up of memory foam and injected with cooling fluid.

➔ The backrest is of full length and comes with an integrated and adjustable lumbar support cushion or pillow.

➔ The recliner offers a maximum tilt of 165 degrees, thus plenty of options to stretch and relax while sitting.


➔ Great design with the premium build quality

➔ Adjustable and comfortable headrest, seat, and armrest

➔ Choice of fabric available between their trademark Softweave fabric or high-quality PU leather

➔ Offers 5 years of warranty


➔ Pricey

➔ Assembly takes time

Quick facts

  • Price: $369
  • Maximum weight limit: 290 lbs
  • Material: soft weave fabric and PU leather

4. Best chair overall for Scoliosis: Balt Butterfly Executive Chair

A subtle blend of exquisite engineering skills, elegance, and modernism, this is what Balt Butterfly executive chair is all about.


➔ The back is a split panel rather than a single piece. There are separate supports for the head, neck, and lumbar. All of these supports are adjustable.

➔ The seat glide feature can control the depth of the mesh seat. The height of the seat is adjustable as well.

➔ The curved headrest is designed to support the neck and the head in the best way possible.

➔ Contour on the backrest will accommodate and embrace all kinds of back and provide optimal support.


➔ Breathable and ventilated mesh

➔ Modular adjustable supports


➔ Price can be a hindrance.

➔ No leather option available

Quick facts

  • Price: $600
  • Max. weight capacity: 300 lbs

Features to look for while choosing an office chair for Scoliosis

1. Make sure the chair has a high back with a curved backrest

2. Look for adjustable armrests and neck or cervical support

3. The additional lumbar cushion is a valuable addition 

4. Make sure the material is comfortable and breathable

5. Leg rest can be a great option if your legs get numb frequently

Features to avoid while looking for an office chair for Scoliosis

1. Non-adjustable armrests and neck support

2. Hard seat material like plastic, metal, or wood

3. A too-soft seat that offers no support for the bottoms

4. Easy transformable mesh material

5. A backrest that does not support your spine correctly and leaves your lower back 

Best Sitting posture for people with Scoliosis 

People with Scoliosis need to learn the habit of correct postures while sitting. This will help them to reduce the pain induced due to compressed spinal discs. The proper sitting posture has been explained below:

● The backrest should be at a comfortable tilt: Sitting correctly (at 90 degrees) or less than that (slouching) puts immense pressure on the discs of the vertebrae. Thus it is recommended to tilt the chair’s backrest at an angle between 100 to 110 degrees for optimal comfort and minimal pressure on the discs.

● Stop bending or folding your knees while sitting: While sitting, make sure that the feet are correctly landed and planted on the floor. While doing so, the angle of the bent knee joint should be 90 degrees. In case you need better support from the floor, you can always use a footrest. This will keep the blood circulation to the feet at par and prevent it from getting numb and painful.

● No unwanted twists and turns: While sitting, make sure your torso is not stretched too much for too long. If you want to get hold of something out of your reach, stand up and walk to that object. Too much twisting and turning puts pressure on your lower back and may induce unbearable pain.

● Ensure the lumbar support is excellent: Use a chair with proper lumbar support and a curved backrest. Don’t try shortcuts, like using a pillow on a regular chair. This will worsen the situation in the long run.

● Don’t sit idly in one position: If you sit and work for long hours, make sure you change your position once in a while in case you have Scoliosis. This will give your back a break once in a while.

Tips and techniques to protect your back from pain due to Scoliosis

Thoracic Extension

This is a desk exercise that you can perform to relax your back once in a while during extensive working hours

◆ Sit straight and keep your knee bent at 90 degrees.

◆ Place the palms and 1/3rd of your forearm under the desk with your elbow bent at 90 degrees.

◆ Apply pressure on the desk and at the same time extend your back while rocking your pelvis forward

◆ Extend your neck and hold the position for 30 seconds. You can repeat the steps twice or thrice during a break.

Levator Scapulae Stretch

◆ Sit straight on your chair with your knee bent at 90 degrees and feet appropriately planted on the floor

◆ Put one of your hands behind your lower back (just above the buttocks, the inward curve of the spine)

◆ Move your head and look on the right side and then try to see diagonally towards the armpit.

◆ fold your other hand back over the head and place it on the occipital ( the bone of the head just above the neck)

◆ With the weight of your arm, stretch the neck in a downward and diagonal direction. Hold the position for 30 seconds.

◆ Repeat for the other side

Are ergonomic chairs good for Scoliosis?

Some people with Scoliosis have found relief in using ergonomic chairs to help relieve back pain. The ergonomic chair can be adjusted, for example, by adding armrests, headrests, and seat cushions to support the body. They can also be used by anyone who has back pain or wants to prevent it.

The essential ergonomic chair features are that it fits well and has a soft material for back support. In addition, most chairs come with lumbar support, so your spine isn’t bearing too much pressure.

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