The best office chair for hip pain.

If you’re looking for a new office chair, chances are that your first priority is to find one that will keep your back and hips happy.  Especially if you have hip pain or lower back pain, whether from a condition like arthritis or an injury.  Your body needs to be supported properly in order to function well and feel good.  The wrong chair can make the problem worse rather than better!

Hip pain can be the result of any number of strenuous activities to which the hips are constantly subjected. The only way to remedy it is through regular changes in posture and positioning, as well as via replacing existing chairs with something more comfortable.

Possible reasons for hip pain

What is the major reason for hip pain?

  1. Arthritis: In older people, Osteoarthritis (the wearing down of the protective cartilage that cushions the ends of bones) and rheumatoid arthritis (auto-immune diseases where the joints are inflamed) are the major reasons for hip pain.
  2. Fracture of the hip: In elderly people, bones are weak and brittle. They can break down easily during minor falls or accidents.
  3. Bursitis: When the liquid-filled sacs that are found between bones and muscles get inflamed, they cause pain. The sacs are called Bursae
  4. Tendinitis: At times, due to repetitive strain on a tendon leads to inflammation of the tendon and causes pain.
  5. Gynecological issues: In women, any issue in the pelvis region (like urological issues or cramps during menstruation) can lead to hip pain

Symptoms of Hip pain:

 What are the symptoms of hip pain?

Some of the most obvious symptoms of hip pain are:

  • Swelling over the lower back and hip region
  • The hip region becomes tender
  • Sleeping on the hip is painful
  • The hip becomes numb and loses motion
  • Pain in the groin region
  • Limping
  • Joint pain

These symptoms can be mild to severe depending on the reason underneath the pain. If not taken care of, it can lead to disability.

Best office chairs for hip pain

We spend most of our active hours sitting on a chair and if you’re someone with persistent and chronic hip pain issues, you need to have a chair that helps you reduce the pain and provide you with comfort so that you can work without any interruption.

Secretlab TITAN: The chair with the most supportive seat

One of the most comfortable offices gaming chairs to tackle hip pain, Secretlab TITAN has it all. The design is elegant and the build quality is supreme. The users can enjoy hours of painless gaming sessions without any numbness of the hip and the thighs.

Quick facts of Secretlab TITAN

  • Price: $369
  • Maximum weight limit: 290 lbs
  • Material: fabric or leather

Features of Secretlab TITAN

➔ The seat on Titan is padded with Secretlab Cold Cure foam which is a patent technology of the company itself. This provides exceptional support to the hip and the lower back of the user.

➔ The same trademark foam has been used in the headrest and on the sides of the gaming chair, increasing the overall comfort of the user

➔ It also comes with a head pillow filled with memory foam that supports the head and the cervical in the most ergonomic way possible. The cooling fluid injected in the head pillow prevents overheating and sweating issues during extended work or game hours

➔ The full-length backrest is accompanied by an integrated and adjustable lumbar support cushion to primarily support the lower back.

➔ The chair reclines all the way up to 165 degrees allowing the user to take breaks and relax in between the tasking sessions to decompress the spine and improve the blood circulation to the hip and legs.

Pros of Secretlab TITAN

➔ The design is elegant and the build quality is unmatchable 

➔ Lots of cool features like headrest, soft and supportive seat

➔ Choice of upholstery between patented Softweave fabric or high-standard PU leather

➔ Comes with a warranty period of 5 years

Cons of Secretlab TITAN

➔ The price might be an issue

➔ Assembly is tedious

2xhome Saddle Chair with a back: An alternative design to tackle hip pain

Saddle chairs might look weird but are more functional than you think. They promote an open hip angle during the seating position. This particular posture helps in maintaining the natural shape of the inward curved lumbar region (just over the hip region) and thus minimizes any unwanted pressure on the lower back. The 2x home Saddle chair is meant for this and much more, thanks to the ergonomic features present in the chair.

Quick facts 2xhome Saddle Chair with a back

  • Price: Backless option- $153 , with backrest: $218
  • Material: PU leather
  • Frame: Metal

Features of 2xhome Saddle Chair

➔ Comes with an ergonomically functional saddle-shaped seat great for maintaining the natural lordosis while seating.

➔ The backrest is wide and adjustable enough to provide ample lumbar support

➔ The knee angle maintained while sitting on this chair is around 135 degrees while allows better blood circulation and less pressure on the hip

➔ The tilt and height of the chair are adjustable. The chair can go from 22” to 28.25”

➔ The forward sloping seat is advantageous for the lower back and the hip region

➔ The contours on the chair are designed in a way to facilitate an easy transition from conventional chairs to saddle chairs for beginners

➔ The material is PU leather which is filled with supportive foam. It feels soft against the skin.

Pros of 2xhome Saddle Chair

➔ Unconventional functional design

➔ Adjustable backrest and height

➔ Minimal assembly

Cons  of 2xhome Saddle Chair

➔ Transition can take time

➔ The seat is too wide for short people

➔ Not great for long hours of tasking

Steelcase Leap v2: The premium support for your hip

If you are looking for a premium task chair that is great for sitting on for long hours, then look no more further than Steelcase Leap. This elegant piece of engineering has got some amazing ergonomic and supportive features that provide all the comfort your lower back and hip will ever need.

Quick facts Steelcase Leap v2

  • Price: starts at $722
  • Weight rating: 400 lbs
  • Material: Polished aluminum frame and base with fabric or leather upholstery 

Features of Steelcase Leap v2

➔ Steelcase leap with a thinner seat cushion doesn’t look comfortable but the thought changes as soon as you get to sit on it. It feels amazing to sit for long hours on this particular chair.

➔ The one-third seat on the front is quite flexible which allows the user to have more natural movement while sitting in the chair. This function is self-adjusted and helps with the fatigue in the thighs and back of the legs.

➔ The chair comes with a patented LiveBack technology on the backrest which supports the users as they move all through the seating period.

➔ The armrests are neither too soft nor too firm on Steelcase leap. They offer softer yet comfortable support to the arms and the elbows. It also has an ample range of motion that allows the user to get into their comfortable sitting form.

➔ The chair comes with all the possible ergonomic adjustments except the back height adjustment. This can be an issue for the big and tall guys as the back height is stationary at 25”.

➔ Seat height, seat depth, armrest height, armrest depth, arm pivot; all of these adjustable features are present in the Steelcase Leap v2 task chair.

Pros of Steelcase Leap v2

➔ Build quality is supreme 

➔ Almost all ergonomic adjustments provided

➔ The seat pad is great for the hip

➔ Amazing lumbar support system

➔ The chair is shipped fully assembled 

Cons of Steelcase Leap v2

➔ The price is too high

➔ Back height adjustment missing

➔ Not made in the USA (Made in Mexico)

Sidiz T50: A midrange comfort for the hip and lower back

The feature that makes Sidiz T50 the midrange king when it comes to task chairs for hip pain is seat adjustment and quality. It also offers 3 degrees of forwarding tilt feature which is pretty rare in chairs in this budget bracket.

Quick facts of Sidiz T50

  • Price: starts at $330
  • Material: polyester and mesh
  • Color available: fabric black, fabric Blue, and fabric grey

Features of Sidiz T50

➔ The seat is wide enough (18.5 inches) which is great for hip health as the hip gets ample space without any constraint or tightness.

➔ The wider seat base provides enough room for the user to stretch and move in case the user gets stiff during the working hours

➔ The seat depth is substantially adjustable with a range from 18.3 inches to 21 inches. The lumbar support adjustment works in sync with the seat depth adjustment feature.

➔ The forward tilt mechanism like Aeron and Gesture allows the user to lean a bit forward while typing without putting any compressive stress on the lower back.

➔ The armrest is 3D adjustable on Sidiz T50.

Pros of Sidiz T50

➔ Great build quality and warranty

➔ Ergonomic features well thought to relieve pain in the hip and lower back

➔ The mesh fabric is breathable and comfortable

➔ Backrest and seat adjustability is highly functional 

Cons of Sidiz T50

➔ The caster wheels are weak and prone to breakdown

➔ Reclining comes with noise

➔ Assembly is tedious

Modway Edge: The all-adjustable chair low budget chair

Modway Edge caught my eye because of the number of adjustability features it offers. At a price that is affordable for most users, Modway Edge offers great comfort and a contemporary ergonomic design.

Quick facts of Modway Edge

  • Price: starts at $ 196
  • Material: plywood, iron, nylon, polyester, and fiber
  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs

Features of Modway Edge

➔ The lumbar support on Modway Edge along with a padded waterfall seat offers great support to the hip and thighs. It maintains a healthy circulation of blood to the legs

➔ The Synchro-tilt and tension control on this chair facilitates the users to tilt backward while keeping their feet grounded.

➔ The Edge series of office chairs from Modway comes with a one-touch height adjustment feature.

➔ The mesh material on Edge is breathable and resists any transformation, thus adding to the durability of the chair.

Pros of Modway Edge

➔ Wide range of ergonomic features

➔ The lumbar support is great

➔ The price is within the budget for most of the users

Cons of Modway Edge

➔ The assembly takes a lot of time

➔ Might not be durable for a long time

➔ The comfort level is at par

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