Best Ergonomic Chair for BackPain

The relationship between a person and their chair is an intimate one. In a workplace, employees spend the majority of their time glued to their chairs. While studying, students are advised to use a chair so that their postures don’t get worse during the long study sessions. Gamers, creative artists, and almost everyone do the best work on their station sitting on a chair.

The chair is an inevitable part of most productive activities. Having said that, people ignore the quality of their chairs and they compromise with what they have instead of choosing a better place to park themselves. This ignorance or negligence brings a plethora of problems for them which is extremely devastating in the long run. The issue of back pain is often heard when people complain about their chairs. This is just the tip of the iceberg. With the episodes of acute back pain, there are a bunch of internal damages that have been seen in people.

So, this detailed article will provide you with all the information you need to know about the importance of a good chair, that is supportive and ergonomic. And once you’re convinced, you will be provided with the best options of chair available in the market.

So, let us begin!!

Why is a good ergonomic chair important?

“With a great chair comes great productivity and less stress”. 

A great chair can be a reason for great changes in your work and personal life. However, there is nothing more annoying than an uncomfortable chair. It constantly distracts you from your work and hampers your attention span immediately. To counter the discomfort, the person sitting on it tries every possible adjustment strategy and none of them lasts longer. The discomfort hits the roof when there is annoying creaking noise every time you make the slightest of moves.

The disregard for the discomfort and the compromise with the quality of the chair leads to detrimental repercussions. It starts with daily aches and muscle pains that will hamper your sleep at home and productivity at work. Then comes the strained neck, persistent back pain and this is just beginning. In the long run, the blood supply is restricted and the breathing isn’t effortless anymore. So, you can see the problems piling up exponentially.

A good chair counters all these issues and provides your body the optimum posture. It provides support to both your lumbar and pelvic region and this keeps your spine in its natural shape. This further assists in easy breathing, great blood flow, active legs, and great concentration at work. This will elevate your work efficiency, increase your focus and nullify the health problems caused by the bad chair you had earlier. You feel tired only because of the work that you do and not because of the chair you sat on.

Students who do not address this problem at the beginning suffer from dire problems at a very early stage of their life. One major problem that has been seen due to bad sitting posture and unsupportive chairs during those long hours of cramming is Spondylitis. And this hurts a lot and is a difficult one to treat. So, in the prime stage of your life, when you have planned to go for the moon, your back pain stops you because you didn’t care about your chair a few years back. Phew!! Tough luck.

The benefits of buying a good, supportive, or simply ergonomic chair

  1. Support to your lumbar and pelvis: this simply means that a good chair will provide additional support to your lower back and bottoms along with the upper back. Chairs we mostly see don’t offer proper support to the lower back and thus it is in a state of strain during the seating task. While using the normal chairs instead of ergonomic ones, you tend to lean forward to relax your lower back which simply ruins your posture. Ergonomic or supportive chairs come in full lengths with a proper modification that supports your lower region and stops the urge to lean forward.
  2. The neck is supported: Your neck supports your head and it is already carrying too much responsibility. So, it is only fair to provide it with comfortable support. Modern office chairs that are designed to alleviate the problems of the users tackle the problem of neck and shoulder strain as well. Ergonomic chairs provide an adjustable headrest for your neck so that it won’t go stiff or get strained. A strained neck, in the long run, leads to serious conditions like cervical spondylitis. People at work who are mostly on the phone to meet their purposes must choose a chair with a proper headrest.
  3. Relief for back pain: Ergonomic chairs come in full length and they support the natural curve of the spine which a normal chair fails to do. They are also equipped with a reclining option that allows you to recline the backrest at an angle greater than 90 degrees thus helping you take short bursts of break instantly. Literally, “lay back and relax”.
  4. Relaxes your bottoms: User-friendly chairs are designed in ways to provide support to your hips as well. Your hip bears the load of your body and over an extended period, it can get stiff due to the load and discomfort of the bad chairs. Supportive ergonomic chairs provide enough seat depth that is optimized to provide your hip with the best support possible.
  5. Improves blood circulation: This argument is backed by research and studies. When we sit resting our back against a backrest that is at 90 degrees, it improves the circulation of blood along the hip and to the legs. This decreases the chances of our leg going numb repeatedly which can be bad in the long run. Again, with the adjustability feature, the user can stretch and relax in between so that body gets activity greater than the resting state. This decreases the chances of depression, heart diseases, and musculoskeletal problems.
  6. Adjustable features: People come in all shapes and sizes and it is not possible to custom design a chair for each one of them. This is where an everyday chair fails and an ergonomic chair shines. Ergonomic chairs come with features that allow adjustability of height and angles according to the preferences of the users. This is extremely great for offices that order chairs in bulk for their employees.
  7. Office saves money on medical expenses: Big companies are seen to provide their employees with medical insurances and compensation for their medical bills for injuries at work. So, getting an ergonomic chair for each of them might be a great way to save a huge amount of money. Rather, the health of the employees will be in better shape thus boosting up the productivity and company’s turnovers.
  8. Safety guaranteed: The ergonomic chairs pass a series of lab tests and durability checks before they land on the market. So, the common mishaps that are seen with chairs are reduced. This assures the user and lets him or her work stress-free.
  9. Durability: These state-of-the-art chairs are made with the best premium materials. So, they are made to last longer than normal chairs.
  10. Productivity: With every feature listed above, productivity enhancement is inevitable. If you get to focus on your job without these problems and other petty distractions caused by a crampy chair, then you’re bound to perform better and be satisfied with your work. This also improves the atmosphere at the office and your mood at home. Think about it!

What to look for in an ergonomically correct office chair?

Certain features need to be looked at and inspected for when you buy an office chair.

The height of the chair should be adjustable. You should be able to keep your thigh parallel to the floor while sitting. This will ease the blood flow to your legs. So, you should look for a Pneumatic adjustment lever that adjusts the height smoothly.

Select an office chair that has the backrest to support the natural shape of your spine. This will support your lower back or lumbar region. Make sure that your lower back is arched to a small amount which prevents you from leaning forward. This will also reduce the back pain and compression of the lumbar disk in the long run.

Make sure that the backrest is adjustable. You should be able to recline backward and decline if the backrest is attached to the seat. Also, check for the locking system that holds the back at one position. A weak locking system will fail and you can suddenly tilt backward which can lead to accidents or sudden shocks. If the backrest is separate from the seat then its height should be adjustable along with constrained rotation adjustment.

Buy a chair that has armrests. Armrests are essential as they take the strain off your neck and shoulder. The armrests should be adjustable so that you can rest your arm on them properly rather than just slouching.

The material should be breathable. The material should be neither too hard nor too soft. Hard surfaces offer minimal comfort during long sitting hours and too soft surfaces fail to provide any support. There are lots of great materials available to choose from instead of fabric.

The adjustment controls should be easier to use. At times, the chair has weird and poor adjustment controls. And they are placed in unlikely positions. This should be taken care of. Make sure you can easily change the settings of the chair while you’re sitting on it. Also, see if the knobs and turns are sturdy enough to last long.

Swivels and Casters add to the usefulness of the chair as they provide the user with greater mobility and access. The user can turn and move around the room without too much hassle and can be more productive than ever.

The Best Ergonomic Chairs in the market

I think the difference between a normal chair and an ergonomic chair is the same as the seats in economy class and business class during flights. Normal chairs do not offer adjustments and thus one has to just get crammed in it and pray the time to pass. Whereas, comfortable chairs are just blissful. And for the long haul, they are lifesavers.

So, here are in-depth reviews of some of the best chairs in the market in different categories.

Best Mid-range Ergonomic Chair for back pain

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Quick facts about Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

➔ Price – $195 to $230

➔ Material – Mesh

➔ Weight – 22 pounds

➔ Color – Black

At around $200 average price point, Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair has a lot to offer.

Features of Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

★ It offers a breathable and cooling mesh material. So, the problem of sweating and getting that sticky feeling is sorted. The cleaning is rather easy as well. The mesh is of superior quality and resists any kind of transformation which makes it durable.

★ The ergo chair by Gabyryll is made up of refined quality nylon that makes it stable and sturdy.

★ A silver color finish adds functional style to the daily monotonous work life.

★ A handle is provided just below the seat to adjust the height smoothly and the knob facilitates reclination with ease.

★ The gas pump installed in the Gabyryll Ergo mesh chairs is of higher quality offering durability at an affordable price tag.

★ The headrest and armrest, both are adjustable. The headrest can be adjusted for its height and tilt. The armrest can be rotated up to 45 degrees for further customization

Pros of Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

➔ Mesh back and seat for abundant air circulation and cooling

➔ Highly thought design that provides quad (four) supporting points and substantial lumbar support

➔ The flip-up arms are easy to use to adjust the height

➔ The Polyurethane (PU) casters will not damage your wooden floor and keep the chair at its position.

Cons of Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

➔ The tilt seems inadequate and restricted for some users. But on paper, it offers 90 to 120 degrees of tilt. So, this could be a subjective viewpoint.

➔ The maximum load capacity is 280 lbs which is great but not sufficient for people with greater weights. There are other options for people weighing over 280 lbs. A typical big chair supports greater weights than this.

Why is Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair The best mid-range option?

At a price below $300, this chair offers an incredible sitting experience. Some chairs are pricier than Gabrylly Ergo chairs and offer a lot less. So, yes this has been declared by the people who used it and loved it. It has been reviewed by users on the marketplace.

Best high-end Ergonomic Chair for back pain:

Secretlab TITAN

Quick facts

➔ Requires assembly as it is delivered in parts

➔ Maximum load < 290 lbs

➔ Height recommended – > 5’ 9”

➔ Price at the time of review: $369 on average

Secretlab TITAN is one of the best gaming high-end chairs loved and admired by many gamers. It offers premium quality and a 5 years warranty with the chair that makes it a beast in the gaming chair market. There are options available in the material it is made of. For gamers and hardcore work people who are fed up with PU leather on their chairs, Secretlab Titan offers a proprietary SoftWeave fabric that is insanely soft to touch and comfortable to sit on.


★ The padding is extremely supportive and solid that is made up of Secretlab Cold Cure foam. It has been placed in the headrest, the seat, and the sides of the chair.

★ The frame is designed using high-grade steel.

★ Head pillow made of memory foam and filled with cooling fluid

★ Provides a full-length backrest with an integrated adjustable lumbar support pillow

★ The base is premium quality Aluminium Alloy

★ PU coated caster wheels that don’t ruin the floor and keep the chair stationary

★ A recliner supported by top quality spring, the tilt offered is 85 to 165 degrees

★ Offers 5 years of warranty except on wearing and tearing of the fabric


➔ The built quality is premium and solid and there is no error to non-pedantic eyes

➔ Comfortable headrest, armrest, and seat

➔ Choice of the fabric between high-quality PU leather and Soft weave fabric

➔ 5 years of warranty


➔ Absence of pillow cushions. This is a standard now in gaming chairs. So, a premium product like Secretlab TITAN should have one

➔ The price can be a problem

Is Secretlab TITAN worth the price?

Premium stuff comes at a price. But, the price of Secretlab TITAN is less than other high-end chairs that offer very little or no improved experience whatsoever. It has been reviewed and used by gamers worldwide, and they all have showered heaps of praises for the TITAN. So, to respect the voice of the people and at a great price point below $400, this is the best high-end chair out there.

Best budget option- Office Star ProGrid High Back Manager Chair

Quick facts

Price: High back option – $131 and Mid-Back – $99 (at the time of review)

Weight: 50.1 pounds

Material: Plastic body, Eco-leather, and nylon

Warranty: Lifetime Limited

Office Star ProGrid High Back Manager Chair offers minimum and is not the most attractive chair but it is highly functional. It does offer all the perks of an ergonomic chair on a budget that is hard to beat.


★ The back is made of mesh material which is breathable and comfortable.

★ It offers proper lumbar and pelvic support and comes in two variants: High back and mid-back

★ The ProGrid chair from Office Star is GREENGUARD CERTIFIED. That means it has been tested for more than 10,000 chemical emissions.

★ The material is safer and has fewer unwanted harsh chemicals which are good for the individual and the environment.

★ In terms of Adjustability, ProGrid High Back/Mid Back is right up there with some expensive chairs. There are options to fine-tune seat height, depth, and tilt with knobs placed just under the seat.

★ The armrest is also adjustable and you can change the height and tilt of the armrest as per your comfort. Each armrest has a knob attached to it which allows sliding the armrest in or out depending on the person sitting on it.


➔ Compelling price point and top-notch quality

➔ GREENGUARD CERTIFICATION that ensures safety

➔ Great adjustability features

➔ The lumbar support has been appreciated by lots of buyers


➔ The design is not an appealing one and it looks like any other $100 chair in the office

➔ People complained about the assembly of the chair parts and the instructions were not clear.

Why is this chair the best in the budget category?

➔ At a price less than $150, it offers the flagship qualities of an ergonomic chair. The back is supported, the head is rested and its body feels at home even at work.

➔ For features it offers, the next chair you will find will cost you over $200.

Best Durable option: Branch Task Chair

Quick facts

Price – $249 at the time of writing this review
Warranty – 7 years
Size – 25 x 25 x 38-42 inches

When people think about the best durable chair for their office, they don’t get what is necessary and bring something that is all fancy but is crappy as hell. Here is a chair that tries to live up to your expectations at an affordable price. Once you buy it, you will simply forget about it and your chair will be one problem less in your daily life. You just slide into the Branch Task Chair and carry on with your endless hours of coding, zoom calls, and paperwork without getting any stiffness.


➔ Branch Task Chair offers seven points of adjustment for people who like to change their sitting arrangement more often.

➔ It can support weight up to 300 pounds and comes with seven years of warranty.

➔ The height and width of the armrests are adjustable. You can’t tilt them horizontally but you can adjust how far you want them

➔ The seat height, backrest tilt, and position of the seat relative to the backrest are all adjustable.

➔ You can move the lumbar support up and down as per your comfort.

➔ The frame comes in two colors black or white and the padding can be ordered from three colors viz. Black, gray and blue.

➔ The assembly is pretty easy and will hardly take 10 minutes.

➔ The seat is padded and the back meshes. So, in summers, you can expect some cooling.


➔ Seven point adjustment system

➔ Highly affordable

➔ Lots of color variants to choose from

➔ Sturdy and simple yet classy


➔ The seat is hard compared to some of the chairs in the class but it is a subjective issue

➔ Lacks a headrest

Is Branch Task Chair worth the price?

Branch Ergonomic Chair will prevent you from breaking your back as well as your wallet. It is sturdy, strong, and has great adjustability options. Overall, at this price, it is one of the most comfortable chairs out there.

Best Executive Chair for Back Pain: 

Raynor Ergohuman LE9ERG

Quick facts

Price: $799

Color: Black

Material: High-quality leather

Warranty: Lifetime

Weight limit: 250 lbs

The Ergohuman LE9ERG offers an impressive design for the lower lumbar region. It is bliss for your back and bottoms. It does come at a hefty price but again the price is justified by the features and adjustability it offers.


➔ Ergohuman LE9ERG offers a pivoting headrest that is height adjustable. This allows the users to customize the height and tilt of the chair as per their comfort.

➔ The LE9ERG offers tilt tension control. The resistance on the back of the chair allows different users of different body-weight to get comfortable with it.

➔ There is a 3 position tilt lock feature to lock the position of the chair in a preferred state.

➔ The Ergohuman’s seat and back work in a synchronized way and recline together. They call it the “Synchro-tilt” mechanism.

➔ The backrest can be adjusted relative to the position of the seat. The multiple adjustment options allow the backrest to work nicely in the background rather than ruining the aesthetics of the chair.

➔ The back height is adjustable as well to accommodate users of different heights.

➔ Arm height and width can be regulated for better comfort

➔ Seat height and depth can also be adjusted relative to the position of the backrest. This makes it a great chair for people of all shapes and sizes.


➔ Compliant with ANSI/BIFMA standards. These standards put the chair through 50 tests that check the comfort, safety, durability of furniture for workplaces.

➔ Great for people with persistent back pain as it fully supports the back, neck, and the head

➔ The lumbar support system is a flagship feature and is unmatched.


➔ For $799 it can be expensive for some users

➔ It takes a while to fine-tune your perfect adjustments.

➔ The padding might be a bit firmer than other high-end executive chairs in the market.

Is Raynor Ergohuman Hi-leather the best option as an executive chair?

Raynor Ergohuman Hi-leather is one of the best executive office chairs out there if you are willing to shell out some extra money. Your money is well spent as it covers yours from lower back pain and problems that come with it for your time forthcoming.

Best ergonomic home office chair for back pain: 

Best Office ergonomic mesh chair

Quick facts

Price: $40 to $70 (at the time of writing this review) 

Color: Black

Material: Mesh and foam

Maximum weight: 250 pounds

Before I start praising this piece of beauty, I would like to mention the price first – $40 to start with. I mean it has been loved and admired by many users and has great ratings on the online marketplace. Surely, there must be something special it has to offer.

It’s simple, elegant, sturdy, and a great choice as a study chair for students or people who are working from home in the pandemic.


➔ Offers a great deal of mobility for all the activities like Gaming, working on the computer or just sitting idly at office meetings.

➔ The chair is BIFMA certified as a sturdy and safe chair for office uses.

➔ The mesh quality is over par standard and should last for at least a couple of years.

➔ Height adjustable and the locking mechanism keep the back in an upright position and relieves the pain and strain brought on you by poor chairs.

➔ Offers 90 days warranty 

➔ The assembly is easy to maneuver and it takes around 15 minutes to complete the task.


➔ The price is unbeatable considering the features and reliefs it offers

➔ The mesh quality is comfortable and breathing


➔ Lacks headrest

➔ Nothing considering it costs you $40

Is it the best ergonomic office chair for a home office?

The BestOffice ergonomic office chair is a great option if you are low on budget and wish to give your back the comfort and relief it needs while you’re tasking. It doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. I would recommend this to students and freelancers who are just starting and need to set up a workstation for long hours of productivity.

Best Ergonomic Office chair for back pain: Balt Butterfly Executive Chair

Quick facts

Price: Around $600 

Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Warranty: Two years

Balt Butterfly Executive Chair is an amalgamation of modernism, elegance, and highly focused engineering skills. It is a great product when it comes to ergonomic chairs that offer the best support to the lumbar region, neck, and head. The price that it comes at can be an obstacle for some people but this is an investment that will give you returns in the long run.


➔ The back is a split panel and there are separate meshes to support different parts of your back. Each of them is adjustable according to your comfort level.

➔ The mesh is breathable and offers to cool, controls sweating or any sticky feeling

➔ Seat glide control allows changing the depth of the mesh seat. The seat height is adjustable using a pneumatic cylinder that is smooth and hassle-free to use.

➔ The armrests are height-adjustable and they can be pivoted according to the need of the user

➔ The base is durable with five-star rated material and dual-wheel casters are smoothly functional for great mobility

➔ Three-position back tilt control and tilt tension control is provided

➔ The headrest is curved and height adjustable and provides optimum neck support

➔ The backrest is contoured to give excellent lumbar support to all body shapes and sizes

➔ The back has a convenient coat/jacket hanger


➔ The mesh back and seats are great for air circulation and cooling

➔ Completely adjustable along with adjustable lumbar support

➔ Recipient of Amazon’s choice award

➔ Comes in a variety of colors

➔ Separate dedicated neck rest is present


➔ Pricier than other chairs in the league

➔ Not preferred by users who look for leather fabric

Is Balt Butterfly Executive Chair the best office Ergonomic chair for back pain?

A great chair comes at a great price. Still, compared to some high-end chairs that go up to $1000, Balt Butterfly offers a lot more at a less price. The separate neck rest is a game-changer.

Best ergonomic Computer table chair for back pain: HomeFun Ergonomic Chair

Quick facts

Price: $113 (As of publishing)
Color: White with Lumbar Support and without Footrest
Frame: Iron metal
Weight Capacity:  300 lbs

The HomeFun Ergonomic chair stands out in the crowd with its sharp design and color. If you are done with the regular old black chairs and want to add a bit of aesthetics to your office or home workplace then this is the chair you should look into. I would recommend this to coders and students who spend more time on their computers as it adds a style to their setup.


➔ The look is striking. The back is made in a single-piece structure that is chiseled and sharp.

➔ Comes with a high-density foam seat. The padded backrest and headrest provide optimum lumbar support as well as neck support. Thus it relieves you of fatigue after a long day on the chair.

➔ The framework is reinforced and upgraded and the gas lift is smooth. The base is made up of heavy-duty material adding to the quality and sturdiness of the chair.

➔ This chair works as an ergonomic recliner with the back going from 90 degrees to 135 degrees.

➔ The back height and seat height are adjustable, thus there is an optimum setting for people of all sizes and working in all kinds of fields.


➔ Offers incredible support and comfort

➔ Higher weight capacity

➔ Price in the budget of students, and people starting in their jobs

➔ The appearance is outstanding


➔ The adjustability might be limited

➔ The bulk of the frame is plastic and other heavy-duty material, thus the mesh is not excellent at air circulation

➔ The lumbar cushion is missing

Is HomeFun Ergonomic chair the best ergonomic computer table chair for back pain?

HomeFun Ergonomic chair is fancy, stylish, affordable, sturdy, and provides excellent support to the back and neck. At $113 this is what will be called bang for every buck you spend.

Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair for back pain: 

Hbada Gaming Chair- Racing Style

Quick facts

Price: $135 to $162 depending on the color combination

Colors: Gray and black, blue, Grey, Red, Red and black, and White

Maximum weight capacity: 330 lbs

Hbada Gaming Chair-Racing style looks beautiful on the first look. For users who are used to bland black office mesh chairs, the sight of a Hbada Gaming chair is just a treat to their eyes. It’s comfortable, stylish, adjustable, and can be just the chair you were looking for to go with your gaming or PC setup.


➔ The feature that is most prominent here must be the comfortable cushions for the support around the lumbar and neck regions. It offers greater padding than other ergonomic chairs in the same class.

➔ Padding is key here and it is everywhere. The armrests are padded, the padded seat is cushioned nicely and the backrest padding is contoured to support your neck, lumbar, and pelvis in the most comfortable position possible.

➔ A footrest is available that can be pulled from under the seat.

➔ The adjustment options include seat height, mobile armrest and 155 degrees reclining mode, and 360 degrees swivel.

➔ The material is a high-quality PU leather that feels incredible against the skin

➔ The caster-wheels are designed to look like that of a racing car

➔ People who are using it have said that the material is durable and they won’t have to get a new one for years to come


➔ The cushioning is extraordinary

➔ The armrests and footrests are great

➔ The built quality and material is long-lasting

➔ The price is an aggressive one with so much to offer


➔ Taller people find it short

➔ It is not adjustable for everyone

➔ There is a pink “girl” edition that reeks of sexism

Is Hbada Gaming Chair-Racing style chair the best ergonomic gaming chair available for back pain? 

If PU leather is what you like and you are a gamer then this might be your go-to option as a chair. It is classy, beautiful, and affordable. It won’t fail to turn heads if you put this in your office setup. The color combinations will give you an option to match your workplace setting. Not to forget the key here- padding. It provides amazing comfort and support and alleviates lower back pain during persistent hours of gaming or work.

What are the main causes of back pain?

Back pains are nasty and debilitating. Back pain is mostly caused due to mechanical problems in the vertebrae (backbone) or due to soft-tissue tear. Research and studies testify that the most common reason for back pain is torn or pulled ligament. Back pain is the leading cause of disability in people below 45 of age. So, it is important to know the causes of back pain so that we can diagnose it as early as possible.

Sprain and Strain in the ligaments of the lower back: Sprains and strains are two unwanted deformations for the muscles that cause lower back pain. Strain is simply stretching the muscle beyond its limit and the muscle tears down. Sprains tear down ligaments due to overstretching that connects the bones.

The common causes of strain and sprains can be

● Sudden heavy lifting or twisting the spine while lifting

● Accidents like fall that shocks the lower back with sudden movements

Poor posture over a longer period

● It may be a sporting injury

Injuries to the Disk: Disk in the vertebrae can slip or get ruptured due to accidents. The chances of disk slip increase with age and the pain last for over 72 hours which can be difficult to bear. This is also known as a herniated disk.

Sciatica: When herniated disk presses against the sciatic nerve, which connects the spine to the legs. Thus the lower back pain comes with leg pain and burning sensation in the foot.

Degenerative disc disease: As we grow up the disc fails to support the load completely and transfers the forces to the walls of the disc which causes the walls to rupture and this is called degenerative disc disease. The damaged disc causes the damage of the annulus fibrosus which holds the soft center of the disc together. It results in acute pain in the leg, lower back, thigh, and buttock regions.

Spinal stenosis: Each bone in the vertebrae has a hole to let the spinal cord pass. When this hole is not large enough, the spinal cord passing through it gets compressed and the back hurts badly. This condition is called Spinal stenosis.

Being in bad shape: When the larger group of muscles in the back and lower back region don’t get enough exercise, they become weak and fail to support the spine properly. This leads to acute pain in the back and other health issues.

Bad sitting and standing Posture: Slouching forward or leaning back for long hours contribute to lower back pain. This kind of back pain starts slow but becomes a lifetime companion if not dealt with as early as detected.

What are the best sitting postures to reduce back pain?

When you analyze that most of our active hours are spent sitting and sitting in a bad posture causes immense problems to our lower back, it is high time to know and integrate correct sitting postures in our sitting ritual.

Comfortable Backrest angle: We have been told since our childhood to sit straight in an upright manner. But little did we know, this increases the pressure on the discs in the backbone by 40 percent compared to standing. Thus, it is recommended that for better results the backrest should be reclined at an angle between 100 to 110 degrees for minimal pressure on the discs of the spine.

Correct Knee position: It is a healthy habit to refrain from bending or folding your knees while sitting. You should try to keep them planted on the floor at a right angle. You can use a footrest for better access to support. This will keep the blood circulation unrestricted to the legs so that they won’t hurt or go numb. The combination of a proper backrest recline and knee position might sound too rigid to follow but with practice, this will come naturally to you. All these work together to keep your body in a neutral position as close to standing so that there won’t be any extra unwanted pressure on the discs of your spine.

Abstain from twisting and stretching too much: At times we feel lazy to stand up and try to reach objects placed at a far distance by stretching or twisting our torso. Stop doing that! This will shock your muscles and ligaments and they might get strained or sprained. Slouching is another error that people commit while sitting. This puts unwanted stress on your lower spine. Organize your workstation in a manner that the objects you need constantly are at arm’s length and for the rest just get up!!

Armrests are great, Use them: Using armrests reduces the load on your spine by ten percent and it also helps you to get up without any jerk or sudden movement.

Have proper lumbar support: Get an ergonomic chair that provides support to your lumbar and cervical region. Or, just get lumbar support for your chair. Your back should get complete support while you’re sitting on your desk for a longer time.

Keep changing your sitting positions: It is suggested to alternate your sitting position if you’re sitting for long hours, especially if you have lower back pain. There are four well-known neutral sitting positions you can get used to.

Reclined sitting decreases fatigue in your back and provides optimum support and comfort.

Declined sitting offers comfort to your legs as they are firmly grounded and relaxed. Kneeling chairs are best for declined sitting. The angle of decline should be at around 20 degrees.

Standing is a great way to take a break if you have persistent and chronic back problems. Standing for five minutes and stretching yourself moderately helps your spine to decompress and attain its natural curvature.

Supine sitting: You can lay near-horizontal while working on your computer. The Supine computing setup is catching up these days as it offers maximum comfort to your back. There are various workstations that you can choose from to experience the bliss of supine sitting.

Quick fixes for back pain

Heating the region with a hot water bag provides relief from spasm, soreness, and tightness of the back. Heat therapy is an inexpensive option and provides a soothing feeling after the therapy. Applying the therapy to the troubled region for 15 minutes, twice a day will help you immensely and allow your muscle to heal properly.

Using ice packs will numb down the region providing quick relief. Cryogenic therapy is a great way to let your muscles feel relaxed. Athletes and wrestlers are fans of this therapy and they regularly take the advantage of cold therapy.

Muscle relaxant ointments or sprays are another quick way to counter the acute pain in the back. But, consult with a physician before using it. Multiple options are meant for both chronic and acute pains. If you’re not a fan of chemical drugs then Ayurveda has many options too. You can ask an expert about the product that will be best for you.

Exercise and Stretching: Exercise helps your muscles get strong, loose, and robust. And intermittent stretching allows your muscles and ligaments to decompress and let out the stress they have accumulated over the day. So, it is high time to incorporate these two in your daily routines to eliminate the problem of back pain as quickly as possible.

Less stress and more sleep: Stress is a major factor that induces back pain and muscle spasms. You might not know it but it is a fact. So, always keep ways to destress yourself. A walk in the park, a play session with your dog, or quality time with your family is a great way to free yourself from all the tension and stress. Sleep is another important aspect that you should take care of. It is vital for your physical and mental peace to get a full quota of sleep. Get an orthopedic mattress, one that is good for your back and sleep peacefully. These tricks will do wonders for you!

Last but not the least, BETTER SHOES: It is a fact that bad shoes contribute massively to your lower back pain. High heels are the worst. Get a pair of shoes that has proper cushioning and arch support for your soles and ankle. Orthotic insoles are in demand as they provide proper mobility and comfort to your feet and thus checks the emergence of lower back pain.

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